Code of Business Ethics
Since the establishment of Junwee, we have adhered to the philosophy of "Gentleman's thinking, Moral conduct leading to success", and advocated the core values of "Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Win-win". Our success is based on our values and commitment to business ethics. All our actions are subject to the Code of Business Ethics (hereinafter referred to as the Code) and local laws and regulations.
The Code applies to Junwee's directors, all managers and employees. Everyone should understand and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and all provisions of this Code, and be responsible for them. Any violation of these provisions will be deemed to be inconsistent with our business ethics and will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary regulations of the Company. We will remain vigilant and strive to prevent non-compliance.

Compliance consultation and complaint channels: TEL +86-571-81021995, or E-mail: info@junweechem.com
1. Law-abiding Operation
As a global market company, we strictly comply with all applicable laws, international trade rules and all other relevant legal provisions of our country and relevant countries.
2. Fair and Honest Transactions
We gain long-term trust from customers and partners through our products and services. We insist on fairness and integrity.
We do not engage in any behavior based on monopoly, coercion or harming the interests of third parties.
We earnestly abide by the Anti-unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China.
3. Information and Cyber Security
According to employee confidentiality policy and agreement, the recipient shall properly protect the business and technical information involving the Company, customers and stakeholders, including but not limited to emails, oral conversations, paper and electronic documents, etc. Even within the company, unauthorized sharing is not allowed, nor can it seek personal or other benefits.
We should identify and protect the intellectual property rights of the company, customers, and stakeholders. It is prohibited to use, copy, or disseminate without legal authorization.
In the Internet era, we attach great importance to cyber security. We invest in and use secure equipment, and also require employees not to access unsafe and illegal websites.
4. Respect for Human Rights
We value and respect human rights. We are committed to supporting and adhering to internationally recognized human rights in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5. Respect for People
Everyone should feel valued and respected in Junwee. We advocate and create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
We wish to and help them increase their personal income and create a better future through self-realization.
We value the protection of employee privacy.
6. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
We recognize and respect the right of employees to choose their own legal organizations (including trade unions). Within the legal framework, we respect the right of employees to represent themselves through trade unions and other employee organizations.
7. Occupational Health and Safety
We promise to provide a safe and satisfying working environment and improve our facilities. We establish clear guidelines and procedures in our workplace, train and guide employees to fully understand and comply with them. If work methods and conditions violate human rights, they are strictly prohibited.
8. Elimination of forced labor / coercion
We will not tolerate any form of forced labor.
9. Prohibition of Discrimination
We can not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, religious beliefs, class, social background, disability, race and ethnic origin, nationality, trade unions, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics.
10. Prohibition of Child Labour
The employment of child labor is explicitly prohibited in national laws. Under all circumstances, this strictest standard must be adhered to. Any form of exploitation of children is prohibited.
11. Preventing Conflicts of Interest
We do not allow the company's business and decisions to be influenced by any personal interests or relationships.
We reimburse employees for their official travel expenses in accordance with the system, and strictly forbid employees from giving or accepting gifts, entertainment, or entertainment beyond a reasonable range to stakeholders.
We prohibit employees from using their positions for personal interest.
12. Anti-bribery, Anti-corruption, and Anti-money Laundering Activities
We believe that integrity and legal operation are crucial. We oppose any form of bribery and corruption.
Our employees are also not allowed to provide or accept any bribes or kickbacks. We comply with all national and international laws and regulations prohibiting bribery of government officials.
We also prohibit money laundering and any activities that promote this behavior, terrorist financing, or criminal activities.
13. Financial Integrity
We ensure the prompt and accurate preservation of accounting and business records in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.
14. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
We should minimize the environmental impact of our company, such as advocating for energy and water conservation, and reducing the use of paper and plastic products.
We also recommend that suppliers comply with/or exceed statutory requirements for the use, treatment, and disposal of chemicals, waste and hazardous substances, emissions and sewage.